Monday, October 1, 2012

Finals Rematch: Lakers @ Celtics (Game 2 of 82)

It's a new season, a time to do better than the year before, where the amazing can happen and teams learn how to grow and bring hope to their respective cities.

For the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant, the 2nd game of the season couldn't have been heartwarming. It was as if Game 4 of the NBA Finals had been given an encore presentation, because the Boston Celtics looked better in every way tonight, winning by 10 as the final buzzer sounded.

Steve Nash had 24 points, Kobe had 22, and big men, Gasol and D-Howard, had strong numbers. But once again, it wasn't enough to beat the Celtics. New backup point guard, Jordan Farmar, had 15 points, Josh Howard had 13 and Paul Pierce poured in 19. Even new backup-backup Center, Ben Wallace, scored!

Boston simply played harder, proving that a new lineup can still repeat the past, besting a Lakers team that in comparison hasn't changed. The only remarkable quality tonight was a mirror play of the Finals: Steve Nash darted the ball into Kobe Bryant's hand, as he was left wide open in the corner, nailing a 3 that he barely missed in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

While it was a hopeful sign, the Lakers still can't overcome the Celtics.

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