Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1st Round - Celtics/76ers - Game 1

The Boston Celtics came out with mountainous energy in front of a thunderous crowd as the defending NBA champions surged to a 8-0 lead to begin the game. By the end of the night, they would win 88-123 in front of loyal fans who want to see them bring home another trophy.

Led by the brilliance of Rajon Rondo (25pts/10assists), Kevin Garnett (13pts/11rebs) and Michael Beasley (22pts), Boston obliterated the 76ers and made everything they did, including 24pts/15rebs by Andrew Bynum, seem inconsequential.

The only "bad" thing Boston did was play too much defense, fouling the hopeless 76ers, a mistake that had Beasley foul out late in the 4th quarter despite inspired effort. But everything else was working, and working well! Paul Pierce was hitting 3's and fade-aways, Eddie House was lighting up the 3 point line, Roy Hibbert was pulling down 14 rebounds and even Allen Iverson was making half-court passes for breakaway jams.

Boston could not have asked for a better inception to this series, shooting 49/99 from the floor, just shy of 50%. They dominantly take a 1-0 lead and return to the same ecstatic arena for Game 2, hoping to outplay Philadelphia on the boards, in the fast break and most importantly, on the scoreboard. But Philadelphia has to be licking their wounds after tonight and can't be too anxious to let it happen again, at least not so emphatically.

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