Friday, November 9, 2012

NBA FINALS - Celtics/Lakers - Game 7

From Roy Hibbert crashing into the Lakers bench, to Garnett and Gasol fouling out when their teams needed them most, to the Celtics gaining a 7 point lead, only for LA to cut it down to 2...

This was Game 7 of the NBA Finals, where amazing happens.

Chock full of unforgettable moments, the Lakers seized an early 10 point lead against the weary albeit resilient Boston Celtics in the first half, scaring every fan dressed in green. But all night, Boston wouldn't be denied, not even after Kobe Bryant lit up the arena with 24 early points.

Paul Pierce hit 3's with Eddie House, while Beasley, Jefferson, Rondo, KG & Hibbert ran down the court for innumerable jams.

With 17 turnovers by LA, Boston gathered 8 steals to their advantage. Before long, the lead belonged to the Celtics. Down by 4, Kobe Bryant looked to fire from three point land, but found defensive specialists, Shane Battier & Caron Butler, waiting for him.

The ball fumbled into Dwight Howard and trickled out of bounds. Battier was fouled and nailed both three throws. With nowhere left to turn, a confusing play by LA got Steve Nash a three-pointer in the corner, only for it to be overthrown and clang off the rim.

Rajon Rondo hit 2 more from the free throw line with finality as the crowd erupted in glee of the unthinkable. When Metta World Peace hit a baseline jumper, it didn't matter. A thorough effort had granted the Boston Celtics with a mountainous victory that was thought to never be. 118-125, Boston.

Shooting Percentage
LAL - 45% | BOS - 43%

LAL - 60 | BOS - 44

LAL - 17 | BOS - 8

Bryant - 34pts | Rondo - 19pts/12asts
Gasol - 23pts/18rebs | Garnett - 17pts/11rebs
Howard - 22pts/18rebs | Beasley - 17pts/8rebs
MWP - 16pts | Pierce - 16pts
Nash - 9pts/6asts (foul trouble) | Jefferson - 16pts
Jamison - 8pts/6rebs | Hibbert - 16pts/14rebs

The green and white confetti fell, as NBA history was beautifully made.

NBA FINALS - Celtics/Lakers - Game 6

In a repeat of Game 5, both teams fought neck and neck, not giving up an inch. Throughout the nasty fray, Boston was able to claw their way to a small lead as LA fired back.

In the 3rd quarter, the Celtics went into overdrive.

The lead grew to 20 and LA realized it was a lot cause.

Lakers, 101, Celtics, 126.

Bryant - 20pts/6asts | Rondo - 21pts/11asts
Nash - 24pts/6asts | KG - 17pts/9rebs
Howard - 19pts/18rebs | Hibbert - 18pts/14rebs
Peace - 13pts/12rebs | Jefferson - 19pts
Gasol - 11pts | House - 17pts
Jamison - 12pts | Beasley - 14pts

So, there will be a game 7. Somehow. Can LA finally win?

NBA FINALS - Celtics/Lakers - Game 5

Neck-and-neck. Spooky leads by LA. 34 points by Richard Jefferson. Boston, 118: LA, 111.

KG, Roy Hibbert & Michael Beasley combined for 56 points and 25 rebounds as fluent trio. LA couldn't recover, as Boston pulled away in the 4th quarter, shooting 54% all night.

Kobe Bryant had 24 points, but was blocked mid-dunk, a message by Boston's big men that they aren't going to lay down for the anxious Lakers.

If the Lakers win the title, it won't be in California, courtesy of the Celtics.

NBA FINALS - Celtics/Lakers - Game 4

"It ain't over", Rajon Rondo declared after Game 3 when the Lakers demolished the Boston Celtics.

He meant it.

Boston returned the favor tonight, defying the odds (at least momentarily), winning 105-75 on the road in front of a very pro-Lakers crowd. Michael Beasley, Pierce, Rondo and KG united to blow out LA and extend the NBA Finals. But can they do it again in Game 5?

NBA FINALS - Celtics/Lakers - Game 3

Gut-check time for Boston. No time left for clumsy errors and only room for tough play.

But not tonight. The Lakers returned home and absolutely demolished the defending champions, cruising to a 76-107 victory that has a lot of people thinking "sweep."

Boston looked soulless tonight. After handing the Lakers games one and two, who could blame them? LA couldn't miss tonight, shooting 55% overall and 60% in the 3rd quarter. This heartbreaking loss for Boston means they'll have to do the unprecedented and make NBA history by winning 4 straight games to repeat as NBA Champions. And the LA Lakers love those odds.

NBA FINALS - Celtics/Lakers - Game 2

Flash back to last year's NBA Finals and you'll discover that Kobe Bryant missed a wide open three-pointer in the corner, slimming LA's chances to stay alive in the series that Boston went on to win.

Tonight? The Black Mamba redeemed himself, and Boston helped him do it.

Somehow, Kobe Bryant was left unguarded late in the final 10 seconds. LA needed a three-pointer, and #24 gave it to them, sticking it to Boston in the process.

Beforehand, Boston had climbed to a 17 point lead in the 3rd quarter. They yanked their starters out of the game to prepare for a crucial Game 3, which in hindsight might still be a forgivable decision, with Beasley, KG and Jefferson having scored 20+ points already.

But it was like blood in the water to Steve Nash, who fed the ball to LA's stars. Despite Boston's improved defense, they were abused on the boards and gave up easy points as result. Richard Jefferson missed a shot of his own to end regulation, which would've killed LA's dream of a comeback.

A gritty Overtime period proved deadly for the defending champions, as Steve Nash buried a triple of his own and Richard Jefferson failed to respond, as Boston lost 104-107. They will now have to win 2 of 3 games in LA to merely survive.

NBA FINALS - Celtics/Lakers - Game 1

Steve Nash had 30 points and the biggest shot tonight, a 3 pointer that granted LA with a deafening upset on the Celtics home court in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

The ex-Sun maneuvered his way into the paint at will all night, as Boston narrowly lost, 100-101, to the bitter runner-up of yesteryear. Meanwhile, the Black Mamba poured in the points, Gasol played hard inside and Metta World Peace played with some fire tonight.

Boston perhaps relaxed too soon, after beating Miami just a couple days ago in the same arena that held Game 1 tonight. They were up by a decent margin late in the 4th quarter, but a terrible offensive rebound by Dwight Howard changed things altogether.

Not even a pair of steals by Paul Pierce and trio of tough 3's by Richard Jefferson could change that. Frankly, Boston should've never let it happen in the first place, but their rigid play all night couldn't afford a better outcome.