Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boston Celtics @ Indiana Pacers (Game 7 of 82)

Rajon Rondo was unstoppable in Indianapolis tonight, dominating his way to 31 points by weaving dazzling drive after dazzling drive into the paint, drawing fouls and drawing the helpless Pacers' defense. Danny Granger refused to go down without a fight, and he always has, scoring 34 in a loss that can only be described as frenetic and unfortunate. Granger would've liked to beat the defending champions tonight, who plowed through the Pacers in the 1st round of the Playoffs last year, but key resilience down the stretch and raw 'big game' experience saved Boston tonight.

Led by Rondo, a solid team effort majored by Channing Frye, Michael Beasley, Rip Hamilton and Kevin Garnett broke Boston out to 2 different "seemingly insurmountable" leads in tonight's game. However, Indiana's raw passion wasn't to be denied for long as they remarkably kept fighting back. 8 point swerves throughout, this game was unpredictably enjoyable.

Mehmet Okur had an opportunity to nail a 2nd straight shot (the first had brought the Pacers within 2 points) to tie the contest, but missed due to having KG's long arms up in his face. Boston corralled the rebound and Rajon Rondo nailed two final free throws to end the pandemonium. Boston wins, 105-101 on the road for their 5th straight win against Indianapolis.

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