Thursday, September 27, 2012

Official Off-Season Moves

The Boston Celtics were not content with their roster from last year, despite winning the NBA Championship. It's always exciting to test new waters, and the Boston Celtics are looking to do just that.
In the off-season, the Celtics did their biggest trade in a sign-and-ship deal for Kevin Martin (who was only acquired last season) with the Phoenix Suns. On the return, the Celtics received Michael Beasley, the former #2 draft pick, who has struggled to find somewhere to settle down in the NBA thus far, moving from Miami to Minnesota to Phoenix, along with Channing Frye, the traveling big man who has seen play in Portland and New York.
In another big move, the Celtics traded Kenyon Martin who had his moments last season but had a valuable price in potential dealings. Boston exchanged him for Rip Hamilton, who nearly outplayed Boston by himself in their 2nd round series against the Chicago Bulls.
On the free agent market, Boston signed Jordan Farmar to a 2-year deal, after choosing Kenyon Martin over him last year for their use for the Mid League Exception. Farmar is a wily performer and has seen play in Los Angeles with Kobe Bryant, New Jersey before the Nets moved to Brooklyn, and overseas in Israel. No longer will he have to toil with Rondo on opposing teams, but will now look to provide a helpful spark while the captain of Boston gets his breaks on the bench.
This 'Hebrew Hammer' will hopefully do better than recently released Avery Bradley as the Celtics made space for these signings. Moreover, 'Big Ben' Wallace was declared a free agent and signed with Boston after the Celtics were unable to make a trade happen for him last season. Undoubtedly, the big man will replace Kenyon Martin's help on defense and then some!
The Celtics are always looking to get bigger, and picked up former Spurs and Thunder big man, Nazr Mohammed, sure to be another large presence in the paint alongside Wallace.
On the opposite end of the court, Boston also brought back streaky sharpshooter, Eddie House, who will definitely tear the roof off of the TD Garden with some game-changing long balls.
Boston also "gave a chance" to former superstar, Allen Iverson, who has been looking to reignite his NBA career.

Official Roster for Boston Celtics

Starting Lineup
Center - Kevin Garnett (Finals MVP)
Power Forward - Channing Frye
Small Forward - Paul Pierce
Shooting Guard - Rip Hamilton
Point Guard - Rajon Rondo

Second Unit
Center - Roy Hibbert
Power Forward - Charlie Villanueva
Small Forward - Michael Beasley
Shooting Guard - Josh Howard
Point Guard - Jordan Farmar

Reserve Lineup
Center - Ben Wallace
Point Guard - Eddie House

Inactive Roster
Center - Nazr Mohammed
Shooting Guard - Allen Iverson
Point Guard - Mike James

Defending the Irish Gold

"Impressive" might be an understatement when describing the championship run of the Boston Celtics (who went 16-1 in the playoffs, 66-16 in the regular season).

Rivalries intensified against the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls, others were rekindled against the Los Angeles Lakers, and other showdowns have eagerly brewing like the feuds worth looking forward to, a list that starts with the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and ends with the Atlanta Hawks.

These rivalries are just one aspect of a new NBA season, including exciting player movement in the off-season that will be explained as Boston plays against these well-established opponents.

Paul Pierce is left to raise a finger, wondering if Boston can win us all over again and repeat as defending NBA Champions. "At least one more", Paul Pierce has challenged the other 29 teams.