Friday, November 9, 2012

NBA FINALS - Celtics/Lakers - Game 7

From Roy Hibbert crashing into the Lakers bench, to Garnett and Gasol fouling out when their teams needed them most, to the Celtics gaining a 7 point lead, only for LA to cut it down to 2...

This was Game 7 of the NBA Finals, where amazing happens.

Chock full of unforgettable moments, the Lakers seized an early 10 point lead against the weary albeit resilient Boston Celtics in the first half, scaring every fan dressed in green. But all night, Boston wouldn't be denied, not even after Kobe Bryant lit up the arena with 24 early points.

Paul Pierce hit 3's with Eddie House, while Beasley, Jefferson, Rondo, KG & Hibbert ran down the court for innumerable jams.

With 17 turnovers by LA, Boston gathered 8 steals to their advantage. Before long, the lead belonged to the Celtics. Down by 4, Kobe Bryant looked to fire from three point land, but found defensive specialists, Shane Battier & Caron Butler, waiting for him.

The ball fumbled into Dwight Howard and trickled out of bounds. Battier was fouled and nailed both three throws. With nowhere left to turn, a confusing play by LA got Steve Nash a three-pointer in the corner, only for it to be overthrown and clang off the rim.

Rajon Rondo hit 2 more from the free throw line with finality as the crowd erupted in glee of the unthinkable. When Metta World Peace hit a baseline jumper, it didn't matter. A thorough effort had granted the Boston Celtics with a mountainous victory that was thought to never be. 118-125, Boston.

Shooting Percentage
LAL - 45% | BOS - 43%

LAL - 60 | BOS - 44

LAL - 17 | BOS - 8

Bryant - 34pts | Rondo - 19pts/12asts
Gasol - 23pts/18rebs | Garnett - 17pts/11rebs
Howard - 22pts/18rebs | Beasley - 17pts/8rebs
MWP - 16pts | Pierce - 16pts
Nash - 9pts/6asts (foul trouble) | Jefferson - 16pts
Jamison - 8pts/6rebs | Hibbert - 16pts/14rebs

The green and white confetti fell, as NBA history was beautifully made.

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