Sunday, November 4, 2012

2nd Round - Celtics/Knicks - Game 4

"The Truth" went on a scoring frenzy from the opening tip, scoring 8 points in just 94 seconds and 36 total.

A mini-duel with Carmelo Anthony after the tip-off confirmed a showdown in Madison Square Garden, and Melo was the first to miss a shot, an omen of things to come by the time the buzzer sounded despite Melo's 56% shooting. The star of the Knicks would finish with 40 points of his own, but Boston scored more through more coherent team play for a 115-108 victory.

Raymond Felton made things ugly for New York, firing up bad shots, finding his way to 18 points and 6 assists at the expense of his teammates. Baron Davis put in 6, Marcus Camby had 6 points/9 rebounds and Jason Kidd chipped in 9 off the bench. But it was the turnovers department that cost NY the game, fumbling the ball 21 times compared to 8 by Boston.

This clumsy play by NY drowned out a quiet night by Rajon Rondo (9 points, 8 assists). Michael Beasley continued to play well, scoring 12 & 12, with KG not far behind at 10 & 10. Rip Hamilton splashed in 25 points, complimenting Paul Pierce well for this victory that puts the Knicks in a terrible position, with the Celtics leading 3-1 and a return trip to Boston.

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